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You Provide The Pictures.
We’ll Provide The Sound. We’ll pin your ears back.

For years, while we were busy creating the world’s best radio commercials for the world’s best clients, a funny thing kept happening.

Client after client started asking the same question over and over again:“Why doesn’t our TV sound as good as our radio???”

Then, after a few years of repeatedly having us send our sound design elements over to the pissed-off production companies mixing their TV, they asked an even better question:“Why don’t we just ask World Wide Wadio to do our mix-to-picture and sound design???” And so they did.  And we’ve been pinning their ears back ever since. Check out a few samples below. 

"Vodkas" Play Video
"Dance, Dance, Drop Your Pants!" Play Video
"Flavorful Journey" Play Video
"The Ballad of Barney" Play Video
"Words" Play Video
"Miracle" Play Video
"Not So Swift!" Play Video

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