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Frequently Asked Questions. (Self-Serving Propaganda Thinly Disguised As )

 Why the heck does World Wide Wadio have such a goofy name?

By "goofy," we assume you mean "brilliantly clever." Thank you.

Actually, "World Wide" started out as amusingly ironic hyperbole, and ended up as self-fulfilling prophecy. Obviously, "Wadio" is alliterative -- and, we hope, suggests that one of our specialties is 
funny radio/audio.

Our initials of WWW actually came along before the World Wide Web exploded, but it's been a fortunate coincidence as our business evolved into the creation of Web content and digital audio for streaming radio, podcast ad insertions, etc.

But most importantly, the name "World Wide Wadio" was painstakingly devised to ensure that we would always have a receptionist with a sense of humor.

Other Names We Considered Before Choosing World Wide Wadio

  • Wide Screen Radio
  • Audio 'R' Us
  • Big Ass Ideas
  • Audio Masters of the Universe
  • World Wide Webbio

Other Names We Didn't Consider

  • General Motors
  • Nathan Jr.
  • People's Republic of China
  • Is That A Podcast In Your Pocket?
  • Rufus

 Where the heck do you do all the cool stuff you do?

Not long ago, it all happened in our “State-Of-The-Universe” production facilities in Hollywood.  But now, it's way cooler, because it all happens EVERYWHERE.  Including... at your desk.

We work 100% virtually -- connected online with our satellite studios throughout LA and the U.S., and with clients and talent from the entire globe -- including the very best of the amazing voice talent pool in Hollywood, where it all began.

 To quote one of our favorite VO actors...

"It's cool living here in the future!"

Why the heck do I hear that you’re expensive?

Well, once upon a time, that was somewhat true -- back in boom times, when budgets were much more generous. But times and budgets have changed… so we have, too. We’ve always been worth every penny… but since fewer pennies are available than there used to be, we can help you make the most of whatever you have to spend.

We know that radio stations or networks will offer to create your spots for free (including ultra-ho-hum creative and production)… and that you could create your own, using your laptop and a crappy USB microphone. But, are you really willing to settle for that level of “quality?” Let’s face it: you get what you pay for. So, we’ve come up with a handy list of things to tell your boss or your client when they inevitably say something like “How the heck can we justify spending that kind of money on a measly audio ad??!

Things That Are More Expensive Than Working With WWW

  • Doing it cheap - then doing it over
  • The catering budget on a TV shoot
  • Losing market share because your audio ads suck
  • Losing your job because your production sounds pathetic
  • The Betty Ford Clinic
  • A liver transplant
  • A space ride with Elon or Jeff
  • A square inch of Malibu
  • One pitch, OR one plate appearance by Shohei Ohtani.

And hey, if this list of comparisons doesn’t work, try wowing ‘em with
this wise proverb:

 All right, I’m convinced! You’re worth every penny! But what the heck can I do if my budget is really small?

Contact us anyway. Let’s talk about what we can do for your budget. And, under the right circumstances, we’ve sometimes been known to cut a deal.

Ways To Get Us To Cut You A Deal

  • Give us lots of time
  • Be flexible with your deadline or timetable
  • Give us a commitment of multiple projects
  • Give us lots of creative freedom
  • Tempt us with a really, really cool project
  • Offer us stock in your company
  • Blackmail us with naked pictures of key WWW staffers

 Why the heck should I hire you?

Let’s put it this way. Would you take out your own appendix? Would you produce a TV spot without hiring a director? If your answer to either of these questions is ‘yes,’ then perhaps you belong on the second list below: “People who shouldn’t hire WWW.” But if you recognize that creating phenomenal audio ads is an extremely difficult art, then you’re more likely on the list that follows immediately:

People Who Should Hire WWW

  • People who know radio is even harder than TV
  • People who want their audio ads to sound amazing
  • People who want their TV and web video to sound as good as it looks
  • People who want to win more awards
  • People who actually want to help their client sell more products
  • People who want their moms to be proud

People Who Shouldn’t Hire WWW

  • People who think audio ads are easy
  • People who think their nephew would do a fine job producing their audio ad.
  • People who think audio doesn’t matter
  • People who also direct and shoot and edit and sound-design their own TV spots
  • People who don’t care if their mothers are ashamed of them
  • People who have no more shelf space for awards

 So, name names. Who the heck does actually hire you?

Click on our clients link. You’ll see a list of truly smart companies with whom we’re proud to partner.

 How the heck do I hire you?

Contact us through this link. We’ll get back to you right away.

If you want us to write and produce your project from scratch, the first thing we’ll probably do is ask to send us your Creative Brief (if you have one) -- or, to answer a short, simple set of questions -- our famous “5-Minute Brain Download.” In that case we’ll write a Creative Brief and submit it to you for your approval.

If you want us to produce a project you’ve written, we’ll ask you to email us the scripts, storyboard, etc.

Either way, we’ll ask a few more questions and get to work quickly to give you an estimate and a timetable.

We work virtually, online, with our clients.  If you’d like to participate in the session together, we can magically connect you via ipDTL -- which is like being there… without actually being there.  Most of our clients prefer that we do our thing while you do YOUR thing... and we send edits/mixes for your approval or feedback for changes prior to final delivery. But we're happy to work in whichever way feels best to you.  Either way, it’s a beautiful thing.

 Why the heck are you saying ‘heck’ so much on this website?

Who the Hell knows?

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