Additional demos
as well as custom demos
are available upon request.

radio advertising

Best of Ads/Agencies
We wrote some.  They wrote some.  We all had fun.

Best of Entertainment/Promos
Highly entertaining

Radio Sound Design
"Little Bitty Movies For Your Ears"

Music, Rhythm & Rhyme
Toe tappin’ stuff

Paul & Walt's Vault
Classics from our artists formerly known as Paul & Walt Worldwide

Sure, it might seem easy.  But the first time most people try creating compelling advertising with no visuals
they learn just how friggin’ hard it is.

Fortunately, we’re experts at writing and producing for the ear.  We can definitely help you move
listeners... AND move products.  And we’re here to help in any of the following ways:

WE can write and produce your campaign from
scratch.  Powerful… funny… whatever you need.
Give us your Creative Brief… tell us your budget…
and we’ll make it happen.  (We can also help you
write your Creative Brief, if you prefer.)

WE can direct and produce a radio script YOU wrote, using the best voice talent and sound designers in the world.  We have great fun doing that for some of the world’s best advertising agencies.  (If you like, we’ll also consult on your script and offer enhancements.
No extra charge.)

WE can do either of the above in Spanish.
¿Se habla Wadio?